Tuesday, January 6, 2009

business as usual.

It's all come and gone, before I even noticed it was here in the first place. I always think that maybe next year will be different, but maybe it's time to face facts: Christmas has lost the magic. For me.  I wish I could get back to that place where the holiday season gives you that warm fuzzy feeling...maybe if/when I have kids. Maybe. Kids.

I think I enjoyed the post-Christmas season even better. Anchal came up to San Francisco, making that THREE times I saw her this year! It was bittersweet, as I have no idea when the next time I see her will be. England fits her too well, I would understand if she wanted to stay there forever. Erin came up for New Year's, so I had my two favourite roommates of all time under one roof, dancing! Our favourite pastime together, I think.  I miss living with them so much. I'm trying to convince Erin to move up here and we can live in the city or something...we'll see. Either way, I'll have to figure something out. I won't want to be living with my parents much longer. God knows, I love them, but I can't not be independent.  It's a habit.

I'll be here for at least 3 months, as I just got a job as an Administrative Assistant with a company called Anka Behavioral Services, Inc. I really like it so far...the people are really nice, it's a non-profit, and I like the idea of it being temporary. Permanent things scare me...case and point, the last year of my life, and that tattoo on my wrist that I am now covering with a watch. 


I used to be skeptical that there could be things in your life that you "just know". Like when most people talk about the person they decided to marry...they "just knew" the person was right. I've gotten pretty good at "just knowing" when a person is wrong, so, hopefully, I'll narrow it down to the point where I know who's right. After I'm 28.