Wednesday, August 5, 2009

nothing is lost, it's just frozen in frost.

in some strange universe, last week happened. this morning i woke up from this long dream that included long plane rides, family, tears, and beers. 

i've missed sydney. in this same strange universe, i see myself being happy there. i remember only the good things, the good times, and the smell of the city. it's not a bad smell, but it's just one that is uniquely sydney. like the smell of a friend's house. 

i wish it were really a dream that my aunt is really gone. that all her efforts and her families' efforts were not buried with those pink roses and picture frames. 

i'll always remember her grace, and her bravery. i'll remember the strength of her children and husband as they greeted and thanked everyone for caring so much without becoming the sobbing mess that i'm sure i would be. maybe it was the power of positivity that kept her here for that while. 

i'll maintain the idea that she's somewhere else, arriving on that other shore, with those that have left before her there to greet her.